The Sicilian Municipalities of Cattolica Eraclea (province of Agrigento) and Calatafimi Segesta (province of Trapani) are granting two new property opportunities in Sicily to buy houses for 1 Euro only.

As per other Sicilian municipalities (i.e. Cammarata), this “Case a 1 Euro project” aims to enhance the value of the town properties and to aid in its repopulation.

The call for application for the municipality of Calatafimi-Segesta is already online and refers to the assignment of 48 properties.

Information and application forms can be found on the institutional website of the municipality and the deadline is set for 30 November 2022 for submitting applications with a starting bid price of 1 Euro.

The municipality of Cattolica Eraclea has not published the announcement yet. However, a resolution to join the “Case a 1 Euro project” has already been issued. The announcement should be published soon on its website, and the approved regulations are available and downloadable.

Who can apply for this project?

Both foreigners and Italians, residents or non-residents, private or corporate, can apply.

Applicants must prove that:

  • they comply with the current anti-Mafia legislation and the regulation on welfare contributions;
  • they are not subject to insolvency proceedings.

Obligations of the Buyer?

The buyer undertakes to:

  • complete the purchase agreement within 3 months of the awarding of the contract;
  • deposit the building renovation/restoration project on the municipality within three months of the awarding of the contract;
  • start the property renovation/restoration works within 3 months from the building permit issuing;
  • fully renovate their new property within 3 years;
  • pay the town a deposit of €5.000,00 to secure the property: it will be returned once the renovation works are completed;
  • provide a clear refurbishment proposal for the property;
  • to comply with other important accomplishments such as the local Urban Plan, the historic, cultural and landscape building restrictions, etc.

How can we help?

The Italian Lawyer offers legal assistance to potential buyers for:

  • providing advice on the announcements;
  • filling and filing your application;
  • completing the property purchase on your behalf also advising on the relative expenses (notarial fees, registration, transfer, pilings, etc.);
  • introducing local surveyor, architects and building companies to draft a renovation plan receiving the related estimation cost for the works.


If you are interested in one of the above opportunities and wish to receive further information, please send an email at info@theitalianlawyer.com asking for a free first assessment call with one of our property lawyers.

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