Debt Collection in Italy

In the current climate, one of the worst danger they may experience it is a delay in the payment for the supplies and the related debt collection. This currently seems to be the main reason why businesses are facing cash flow issues.

At the same time, these matters can affect the relationship even with their trusted clients or suppliers. We have learned from our experience that prevention is better than cure.

A team of lawyers with a specific knowledge of debt recovery procedures, with an additional specialization in cross-borders cases, can offer a complete assistance from the beginning, managing the risk of the outstanding bills and invoices.

Indeed, our debt collection team is ready to assist with the recovery of your outstanding fees through both:

  • extra-judicial measures: generally recommended to set your claim friendly and quickly and keep good relationships with your clients;
  • by legal action: Italian law provides with the so called “Decreto ingiuntivo”, a special fast-track procedure which is highly beneficial compared to the time-frame for the ordinary one.

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