Immigration & Citizenship law, Relocation

European and Italian Immigration laws clearly define when a person is to be consider a foreigner and regulate correlative rights and duties.

The norms set the rules for entering the Country through different types of visas (short and long stay permits) and permits of stay (work, study, family, etc.) and determine the time, duration and ways of permanence.

Italian laws also establish the ways for a foreigner to become Italian citizen through naturalization with full rights, but only when specific requirements are met.

Thanks to the proven experience and knowledge of the field, our professionals are able to help you dealing with the complex Italian bureaucracy to facilitate the procedure for the issuing of visas and permits.

Our Immigration Department can give you all the legal assistance and advice you need to get a positive outcome from your application, regardless what your background is (EU and non-EU citizen, family members, students, etc.) and whether you are a private individual or a company (financial institution, universities, research centres, etc.).

TIL professionals assist their clients with several issues: 

Our assistance is specifically tailored on concrete cases, personal needs to find the best solutions.

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