Equipollence or equivalence? Get your foreign degree recognised in Italy

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If you are thinking of taking part in a public competition in Italy, for example, or you would continue your university studies in Italy, you certainly need to have your qualification obtained abroad recognised: this article is just right for you!

Indeed, it can be particularly complicated to handle Italian bureaucracy and the various procedures under the Italian legal system for the recognition of foreign degree in Italy.

The first thing to know is that a qualification obtained abroad must be recognised through the various procedures provided for by law and regulated according to the purpose for which recognition is sought in order to have legal value in Italy.

In particular, two recognition procedures differ:

What is equipollence?

Equipollence is the procedure to be requested when it is necessary to obtain the equivalence of a foreign qualification with an analogous one that exists in the Italian legal system so that it can correspond in detail (both in level and content) to an analogous Italian qualification so as to be defined, precisely, as “equipollent”. Therefore, the application must be submitted to the university corresponding to the course of study undertaken in the foreign country. In addition, the university so identified must have a course of study comparable to the course taken abroad in its statutes and regulations.

What is equivallence?

Equivallence is the procedure to apply when you would obtain recognition of your foreign qualification for an only specific purpose (e.g. to take part in a specific public competition in Italy, or to continue university studies in Italy). Therefore, and as opposed to equipollence proceedings, the application is circumscribed and limited to the specific purpose for which it is requested (e.g. to take part in a public competition). In addition, applicants have to forward it directly to the administration that is interested in recognition (e.g. promoter of the public competition).

The Italian Lawyer with its staff of specialists offers assistance to identifying the most appropriate route to have your foreign academic qualification recognised in Italy.

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