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Top-rated international law firm specialising in cross-border legal matters in Italy and the UK

We are a leading London-based law firm founded by Avv. Riccardo Virga, specialising in all cross-border legal matters affecting you in the UK, Italy and internationally. Our aim is to provide the best legal assistance to both private and corporate clients.

Through our extensive network of experienced lawyers and solicitors in offices across Italy and the UK, our law firm offers a highly professional legal service at hand and comprehensive legal solutions in both English and Italian. This ensures clear communication, tailored advice, and seamless legal representation wherever your needs may arise. 

Avvocato Riccardo Virga founder of the London law firm The Italian Lawyer

Avvocato Riccardo Virga

Top legal assistance from Italian law firm in the UK for all your personal legal matters

We understand that personal legal matters require the utmost care, attention, and expertise. That is why our committment to excellence extends to the delicate and personal aspects of Italian law for our private clients. Our international team of legal experts are here to help you navigate Italian family law, estate planning and inmigration. With a deep understanding of both UK and Italian legal systems, we are uniquely positioned to offer tailored solutions that address your specific needs:

Expert corporate legal advice on cross-border legal needs for your business

We know how difficult it can be to navigate the complexities of Italian law, that is why we provide overseas companies a comprehensive range of legal services and expert guidance for cross-border legal matters, facilitating their business accessing both the UK and  the Italian markets. We offer tailored solutions for you Italian legal needs, which include:

Legal support from a top-rated Italian lawyer

Don’t navigate the legal complexities of Italian law alone. Let our experienced team guide you through every step of the process. Book your FREE ASSESSMENT CALL call today!

Cross-border legal advisors with specialised legal solutions

Our international network of multi-disciplinary legal advisors, including solicitors, barristers, accountants, architects, engineers, surveyors, notaries, and real estate agents, possess deep expertise in cross-border legal complexities, enabling us to excel in providing expert legal assistance across a range of specialty services. From administrative litigation to comprehensive guidance in administrative, substantive, and procedural law matters, our professionals bring recognized expertise to national and international courts, whether you are a private individual, a professional, a small-medium enterprise, or a public administration. We specialise in:

  • Administrative Law
  • Public Recruitment and University Competitions
  • Recognition of Academic and Professional Qualifications Obtained Abroad
  • Public Procurement and Public/Private Contracts
  • Administrative Concessions
  • Construction and Urban Planning

With a wide array of consultancy and legal assistance services, both judicial and extrajudicial, we ensure that your legal needs are met efficiently and effectively. Trust our team to navigate the complexities of Italian and international law and solve your legal matters with precision, expertise, and local knowledge, ensuring a smooth and successful outcome every time.

Specialised legal services

Recognised legal expertise


International team


Administrative litigation


English and Italian speaking


Customer testimonials

Sergiy DatsenkoSergiy Datsenko
07:58 23 Nov 23
If you need professional legal advise in Italy, Gaia and Riccardo will be there for you. Highly recommend.
Danny BDanny B
11:23 21 Aug 23
Ava. Riccardo Virga and the Italian Lawyer have been helping my sister and I for a number of years now with the very many issues we faced in getting our elderly and disabled fathers affairs in order. Our father lived in Italy and we are both in the UK. Our father sadly passed away this year and Riccardo was on hand at every moment to help us navigate through the bureaucracy of Italian law at this difficult time.We cannot recommend The Italian Lawyer and Riccardo enough. Forever helpful, flexible and professional. There is just no way we could have coped with everything we have had to face over the last few years without Riccardo at our side. Thank you.
Luke HunterLuke Hunter
16:19 25 Jul 23
Gaia and Ricardo were remarkably supportive and offered invaluable assistance. The service provided by The Italian Lawyer is truly exceptional and of great worth. If you find yourself facing any confusion regarding the process of purchasing Italian real estate, these individuals are undoubtedly the ones to seek guidance from.
Michael GeoffrionMichael Geoffrion
21:59 21 Jul 23
Ricardo and Gaia made my purchase in Italy a much lower stress event than I had planned for. Their knowledge of the process, the offers, Fiscal codes and closing took a lot of the unknown out of a purchase. Invaluable!
Melanie BrunoMelanie Bruno
18:10 11 Jun 23
I'm very happy with the help of The Italian Lawyer. They were flexible, reliable, fast and clear. They involved me in every step of the way. Excellent communication and service.They went above and beyond to help me with two different cases in which I needed authorizations translated into different languages. Collaboration was needed with notaries from Italy, Portugal and Holland. It all went smoothly. Eleonora Tripi was very friendly.I am very happy with the help of The Italian Lawyer. They were flexible, fast, courteous and clear. A quality service. They involved me every step of the way and were always willing to answer questions. I asked for their help for two different cases where I needed special powers of attorney. This required collaboration with notaries in Italy, Holland and Portugal. It went great! Eleonora Tripi was very kind.
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