Travel Accident Claims

Following to the high-volume of passenger traffic it is becoming increasingly the case that travels are affected by disruption. In many cases we saw hundreds of passengers being left stranded at destinations from which it is difficult to get back home, being completely abandoned to their fate without a shred of information, any assistance or basic commodities (food, beverage, accommodation, etc.).

European laws clearly define passenger rights and when you are entitled to claim costs or compensation for any inconvenience and damages you may have suffered.

The norms set the rules for informing the passengers about their rights which are indispensable even in the case of derogation clauses in the transport contract and do not prejudice any addition compensation provided for by national laws

Thanks to the proven experience and knowledge of the field, our professionals can give you all the legal assistance and advice you need: they are able to help you dealing with the complex procedure to obtain your compensation and with the travel companies which attempt to refuse any refund and indemnity replying to passengers’ requests with misleading information.

TIL professionals assist their clients with several issues:

  • air travel,
  • boat and rail journeys disruption,
  • booking conditions (denied booking, cancellation),
  • hospitality and leisure (e.g. package travel, transport and disability)

Their work is specifically tailored on concrete cases, personal needs to find the best solutions.

Our firm works also on a no-win-no-fee basis, so you will not be charged in case of unsuccessful claim, but a percentage of any compensation received if your claim is successful.

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