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Time to move to Italy! A New “Active Residence Income” Project is coming

Have you ever dreamed of living in an idyllic village in Italy’s deep South where it is warm almost all year-round and get paid to do it? Your dream can actually become a reality thanks to a new “Active Residence Income” Project.

Indeed, the Region of Calabria is planning to offer up to €28,000 (Euro Twenty-eight-thousand/00)  per person over a maximum of three years for those who decide to start their business moving their residence in one of the Calabrian municipalities that join such funded project.

New residents will be asked to kickstarting a small business, either from scratch or by taking up preexisting offers of specific professionals wanted by the project.

The purpose of this project called “Income from active residence” is to promote the repopulation of the Calabria municipalities with less than 2,000 inhabitants, in the hope of reversing years of population decline and to boost their economic development and urban regeneration.

Who can apply for this project?

Anyone who decides to transfer their residence to one of those specific municipalities with the intention of starting a business activity can submit the application if they meet the following Notice’s requirements:

  • to be over the age of majority (in Italy it is over 18 years old) and up to 40 years-old;
  • to establish their residence to one of the municipalities in Calabria with less than 2,000 inhabitants that join the benefit project within 90 days from the communication of acceptance of one’s request for access to the benefit;
  • to be an Italian citizen which come from an Italian municipality with a population exceeding 2,000 inhabitants;
  • or to be an EU citizen;
  • or to be an extra EU citizen with an Italian regular permit/residence card.

Intensity of the contribution

The resources allocated for this project are €700,000, while the total economic benefit for each beneficiary is about €28,000.00 spread in equal proportions over 3 years.

The monthly income could be in the range of €1,000-€800 for two to three years. Alternatively, there could be one off funding to support the launch of a new commercial activity (such as a B&B, restaurant, bar, rural farm, or store).

Please be advised that the “Active Residency Income” project has NOT  been activated yet.

Indeed, the project and its application process are expected to be launched online in the next few weeks. They are refining the technical details, the exact monthly amount and duration of the funds, and whether to also include slightly larger municipalities with up to 3,000 residents.

The time to relocate to Italy is arriving through this interesting benefit project and others we will keep you informed on!

However, please note that any of these projects require that you have a valid working visa/permit of stay to access and be allowed to work within the Italian territory.

Of course, there are a few solutions to access the Italian territory depending on your requirements. Clients normally instruct us for a written legal advice to go through your information and to give you the best solution for your specific case.

Should you wish to receive any further information about this project please do not hesitate to contact us at info@theitalianlawyer.com

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