The Luis Suarez citizenship affair

Uruguayan national Luis Suarez has fallen out of favour at Barcelona and in order to improve his chance to be signed by a new club for this new season he submitted an Italian citizenship application by marriage. Indeed, the forward is hoping he will acquire the citizenship through his wife Mrs. Sofia Balbi, who has...
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Forced Heirship and Reserved Quota

Necessary Succession is the legal instrument to protect testator’s family rights. Italian law (article 536 of the civil code) provides that certain categories of family members – spouses, children (men not born in marriage and foster children), relatives – have the right to receive a specific quota of the asset established by law. This is...
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Automatic acquisition of the Italian Citizenship

The Italian legal system recognises three different ways to acquire the Italian Citizenship, as follows: 1. Jus Sanguinis – (Latin: right of blood) Children of Italian parents (mother or father) who are Italian citizens. Citizenship is passed on from parent to child without limitation of generation, on the condition that none of the ancestors has ever...
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