The Italian Lawyer divorce solicitors and family law get divorce registered in Italy

How to register your UK divorce in Italy, by our family law experts

If you are in the process of getting a divorce in the UK or wishing to remarry in Italy, you may be wondering how the legal process for registering a divorce in Italy works and what Italian divorce laws apply to your individual circumstances
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how to get your educational or professional qualification accepted in Italy

How do I get my qualification recognised in Italy?

Navigating the process of getting your foreign qualification recognised in Italy can be complex and involve intricate legal procedures. If you have obtaine your academic or professional qualification abroad, either in the EU or outside the EU, and are unsure of its applicability within Italy
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How to Become an Italian Citizen

The following is a brief Guide to obtain the Italian Citizenship that is a highly sought-after status for many individuals around the world. The most common paths to getting Italian citizenship and the requirements you need to meet are as follows: 1. Italian Citizenship by Descent (ius sanguinis) If you have Italian ancestors, you may...
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