Expert Italian real estate lawyers for investors worldwide

We understand the complexities of international real estate transactions. That’s why at The Italian Laywer we have built a multi-disciplinary team of experienced lawyers, conveyancers, architects, surveyors, engineers, and other specialists. Working together seamlessly, we provide comprehensive legal support throughout your real estate journey, ensuring every detail is addressed with expertise.

  • Tailor-made legal solutions: We understand every real estate transaction is unique. Our multilingual team provides personalised advice after thorough due diligence to avoid complications.
  • Experienced in cross-border transactions: We have assisted numerous foreign clients invest in regions like Italian Lakes, Tuscany, and beyond (Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc.).
  • Services for all property types:
    • Residential & Commercial property
    • Investments & Portfolios
    • Development & Construction
    • Financing & Management

A seamless Italian real estate transaction from start to finish

Our target is to offer a tailor-made legal advice on Italian properties and real estate as we know that every transaction has its own peculiarities and deserves a specific advice after a thorough due diligence in order to avoid any unexpected complications on completion and to prevent future consequences, ensuring a smooth transaction from start to finish:

  • Seamless buying and selling: Our Real Estate legal team are experts in handling property sales, resales, and purchases for a smooth experience.
  • Construction and development support: We guide you through construction, final unit sales, and conveyancing.
  • Investment and project management: Benefit from our expertise in real estate investments and cross-border project management, including resale and relocation services.
  • Structuring complex deals: We can take care of dealing for the legal complexities of setting up SPVs, Joint Ventures, Trusts, or other entities for your property sales or leases.

Clients can also benefit of our relationship with the most important federations of Real Estate agents in Italy  F.I.M.A.A. and FIAIP,  who can carry out property searches all over the Italian territory granting an highly professional service.

The best legal advice on Italian property from our real estate lawyers

Get legal advice on Italian property for all your cross-border and international real estate needs from one of the UK’s top-rated Italian law firm. Let our experienced real estate lawyers guide you through every step of the process. Book your FREE ASSESSMENT CALL today!

Comprehensive legal support throughout your real estate journey

As a multi-disciplinary legal team our Real Estate team works closely with the Litigation Team and the Tax Advisory team who can work the best solution suitable for all types of real estate transactions:

  • Dispute resolution: Our litigation team tackles real estate contract disputes, tenant evictions, real estate fraud, and authorisation denial issues.
  • Tax-efficient solutions: We collaborate with our tax advisory team to structure transactions with optimal tax benefits.






Why use an Italian property lawyer?

For a smooth and stress-free transaction in Italian real estate, choose a specialised law firm with Italian property lawyers. Here at The Italian Lawyer our multilingual legal team combines their real estate expertise with architects, surveyors, and tax advisors under one roof. We offer personalised guidance throughout your journey, from buying your dream villa in Italy to navigating complex cross-border investments.

A smooth cross-border property transaction

Investing in Italian real estate? Our multilingual team simplifies cross-border transactions, guiding you from dream home to ownership with ease.

International real estate

Our multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, conveyancers, architects, and tax advisors work together seamlessly – all under one roof for a smooth and efficient real estate transaction.

Tailored legal solutions

Our lawyers take the time to understand your specific goals and concerns, tailoring a personalized strategy to address your needs. With comprehensive due diligence, clear communication, and proactive problem-solving, we ensure a smooth and successful transaction, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

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