From contract drafting to unfair dismissal: our range of employment law services

Navigating the complexities of employment law can be overwhelming, whether you’re an employee facing a difficult situation at work or a company seeking guidance on managing your workforce. At The Italian Lawyer, we offer a comprehensive range of employment law services to empower individuals and businesses alike. From drafting employment contracts to defending your rights in the event of unfair dismissal, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Employment law services for individuals

Are you facing an employment dispute or going through a difficult time at work? We understand the stress and uncertainty you may be feeling. Our experienced employment law lawyers are here to help you navigate complex legal issues and fight for your rights. 

  • Employment contract review: we ensure your employment contract is fair and protects your interests.
  • Unfair labour practices: we can help you address issues like wage theft and disputes or discrimination
  • Harassment at work: a safe and respectful work environment is your right. We can help you address and report any form of harassment you experience, including verbal abuse, bullying, and discrimination.
  • Wrongful termination and unfair dismissal: if you believe you have been fired unfairly we can advise you on your legal options and represent you in court. 
  • Disciplinary proceedings:  our employment law lawyer can help you deal with disciplinary actions and reach an out-of-cour settlement.
  • Applications for Allowances and Employment Benefits: we can help employees get the benefits and allowances they deserve.


Employment law specialists for UK businesses

As a UK business owner, dealing with the complexities of employment law can be time-consuming and stressful. We understand your challenges. Our comprehensive range of employment law services and tailored legal assistance is designed to provide you with the support and guidance to manage your workforce effectively and ensure compliance with UK regulations. We are here to be your trusted legal partner in employment law matters like:

  • Management of employment relationships: our employment lawyers will guide you through day-to-day challenges, addressing issues like performance management, absenteeism, grievance procedures and out-of-court settlements.
  • Job contract drafting and review: we can assist you in drafting legally sound employment contracts tailored to your company’s needs, ensuring clarity and protection for both your business and your employees. We can also review existing contracts to identify any potential gaps or areas for improvement. 
  • Mobility of employees: we can help you with the legal complexities of employee transfers, relocations, and international assignments.
  • Collective redundancy and Individual dismissals: when workforce reductions are necessary our employment lawyers will guide you through the legal procedures for collective redundancies and individual dismissals, ensuring fairness and compliance with UK employment law.
  • Occupational safety: as a legal requirement for businesses in the UK, we help you maintain a safe work environment for your employees. 
  • Licenziamenti individuali e collettivi in Italy: as experts in Italian employment law, particularly around individual and collective dismissals (“Licenziamenti individuali e collettivi”), we will assist you in handling these complex matters, ensuring adherence to Italian legal requirements and protecting your company’s interests.






Employee rights and employer obligations: why use an employment law firm?

Here at The Italian Lawyer our employment law lawyers offer a wealth of expertise and resources to ensure your employee rights are protected and you meet your employer obligations. Our employment law lawyers stay up-to-date on the latest UK and Italian regulations and legal precedents, ensuring you operate within legal boundaries and streamlining your HR operations. We can also handle complex situations like dismissals or disputes efficiently and effectively, minimizing disruptions to your business and potential legal costs.

Specialist team of employment law lawyers

Our successful team of dedicated employment law specialists possesses in-depth knowledge and extensive experience across all aspects of employment law, ensuring you receive the highest level of expertise for your specific needs.

A protected workplace for employers and employees

We believe a protected workplace benefits both employers and employees. Our comprehensive employment law services will help you create a safe and secure work environment, minimising risks and fostering positive working relationships.

Seamless resolution of employment law matters

Facing an employment law issue can be very stressful and disrupt businesses. We prioritise efficiency, offering streamlined processes and clear communication to resolve your concerns quickly and effectively, minimising disruption to both parties involved. 

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