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Our Real Estate Department works in close cooperation with our clients, who benefit of a dedicated multilingual and multidisciplinary team of professional for each matter. Indeed the team is composed by expert conveyancers, architects, surveyors, engineers and other experts to provide developers, investors and purchasers with due diligence, estimates, surveys and market research.

Clients can also benefit of our relationship with the most important federations of Real estate agents (e.g. F.I.M.A.A.; FIAIP, etc.) who can carry out property searches all over the Italian territory granting an highly professional service.

Our target is to offer a tailor-made legal advice as we know that every transaction has its own peculiarities and deserves a specific advice after a thorough due diligence in order to avoid any unexpected complications on completion and to prevent future consequences.

Our lawyers have gained considerable experience in cross-border transactions, assisting foreign clients who want to invest in Italy (i.e. Italian Lakes Region – Como, Maggiore, Garda – Tuscany, Venice, Sardinia, Sicily, Apulia, etc.) and other Mediterranean Regions (Spain, Balearic and Canary islands; Portugal, Greece, Cyclades and other Aegean islands). Our team has already assisted several clients with their property sale, re-sale and property purchase of both residential and commercial properties, investments and portfolios, developments and construction, real estate financing and property management.

As a multilingual and multidisciplinary team, domestic and foreign clients benefit from our services, from construction, final unit sales and conveyancing to real estate investments, and project managing cross-border transactions, including re-sale, and Relocation services.

For clients wanting to develop their own land, our team provides assistance in development projects and sales or leases. Sales can also be completed by setting up SPVs, Joint Ventures, Trusts or other types of associations/companies.

The Real Estate team works closely with the Litigation Team, who represent clients in disputes arising from real estate contracts (e.g. Breach of contract; Tenants eviction; Real Estate Frauds etc.), authorization denial and Administrative Law issues together with the Tax advisory Team, and they work out practical and tax-efficient solutions suitable for all types of real estate transactions.

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