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Whilst there are a number of options and visas available to foreign nationals who may wish to immigrate to Italy; there is a lesser-known type of long-stay visa for those who may want to retire there.

Often referred to as the Italian Retirement Visa; the Elective Residency Visa (residenza elettiva), is mostly used by foreign nationals (Non- EU) who wish to retire in Italy – and have the financial means to support themselves without carrying out any working activity.

Requirements for obtaining an Italian elective residency visa
• Be at least 18 years old
• Have sufficient funds to support yourself and any dependents during the stay in Italy;
• Prove that you will also be able to generate a passive income while living in Italy;
• You must submit evidence that you have a place to stay in Italy (a rental contract will be sufficient);
• Health insurance which covers medical expenses for duration of 1 year.
• Valid passport with a minimum of three months after the visa expires and have two blank visa pages.
• Italy Long-Stay Visa Application Form. Duly completed, dated, and signed.
• Passport-size pictures. As per requirements.
• Civil status documents such as birth or marriage certificates where applicable.
• Police clearances from your home country.

Can family members be included on this visa?
This can include a cohabiting spouse as well as minors and adult dependent children will receive the same visa, provided that the aforementioned income is deemed adequate to support them.

Where the purchase of property in Italy involved
If property is purchased in Italy, the “minimal financial requirement” in accordance with Italian legislation – approximately €31,000 per annum – is applicable. However, it is likely that authorities will assess the situation on a case by case basis.

Validity and the renewal process
A visa for Elective Residence is valid for 1 year after which the visa can be renewed at the relevant police headquarters provided that the original requirements are still valid.

Progression after the Elective Residency Visa
After 5 years of residence in Italy, it is possible to request an EU permanent residence permit, allowing a holder to benefit from the same terms as those granted to EU citizens.

If you are contemplating a move to Italy, our lawyers in the Immigration Team are uniquely placed to approach all your immigration-related questions with efficiency and great commitment. Whether you are interested in obtaining or have been refused such a visa, TIL can assist with the application process or during the appeal stage.

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