Semplici consigli di viaggio per evitare che venga negato l'imbarco

Some airlines tend to pick denying passengers based on who paid the lowest fares or their time of booking. However, others pick based on who arrived last at the gate or check-in.

Follow advised airport times to avoid being denied boarding;

  • If you are flying long haul, you have to check-in at least four hours prior to boarding;
  • if you are travelling within Europe you have to arrive at least two hours before, with plenty of time to pass through security;
  • Board when your row is called;

Passengers who volunteer their seats are entitled to a refund, rerouting or other negotiated benefits even included a free seat upgrade on a different flight.

When deciding whether to volunteer your seat, speak to the airline about what compensation they are offering and know your rights if you are denied boarding.

In these cases, remember that the EC261/2004 Regulation states you can be paid up to €600 compensation depending on your flight duration.

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