Clienti Privati e Gestione Patrimoniale

Why Choose Our Italian Probate Lawyers?

Our Private Clients Department has been built with an interdisciplinary team of professionals to assist individuals with any kind of wealth transfer transaction through the extremely bureaucratic Italian system.

Tax and Estate Planning: thanks to our multidisciplinary team of professionals we offer our clients a complete assistance with setting up and planning their estate.

Il nostro team ha assistito diversi clienti con la creazione di un file fiducia, advising on the most favourable jurisdiction and the subsequent implications of the applicable law.

Offriamo anche preliminari pianificazione fiscale e assistenza in trasferimento processo, compreso il vendita di proprietà e il acquisto di proprietà, lungo termine investimenti e il trasferimento di ricchezza “inter vivos”, al fine di capire quale soluzione possa essere fiscalmente più efficiente.

Probate: Our assistance comprises every legal aspect of a probate, including the preliminary determination of the legge applicabile, il concessione di successione, soddisfazione legale dei creditori in sospeso, garantendo il possesso del risorse e tutto il relativo cross-border tax implications di una successione internazionale. A volte la successione include l'assistenza in fiducia matters, when the testator bequeaths their assets to a trust. Our professionals may be appointed as executor o trustee, or may appoint one on your behalf to manage the estate secured in trust. Our professionals advise professional trustees, executors and amministratori, nonché individui con patrimonio netto elevato e enti di beneficenza, che sono beneficiari di trust nazionali ed esteri.

Real Estate: Our real estate team has a considerable experience which includes the assistance in the sale e purchase of private properties, investments and portfolios, developments and construction, and real estate financing.

As a multilingual and multidisciplinary team, domestic and foreign clients benefit from our services, from construction, final unit sales and trasporto to real estate investments, and project managing cross-border transactions, including re-sale.

For clients wanting to develop their own land, our team provides assistance in development projects and sales or leases. Sales can also be completed by setting up joint ventures or other types of association.

Our Real Estate team also includes architects, engineers and other experts to provide developers, investors and purchasers with diligenza dovuta, estimates, surveys e market researches. The team works closely with the Contenzioso Team, which represents clients in disputes arising from real estate contracts, authorisation denials and administrative law issues together with the Tax advisory Team: they work out practical and tax-efficient solutions suitable for every sort of real estate transactions.

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