If you are planning to move to Italy  you should take into consideration several aspects of your relocation. We have a dedicated desk ready to provide you with a tailored assistance to select the specific services you would need to include in your Relocation Package within the following:

  • Home Finding Service: Italian property searches to rent or to purchase a property all over the country;
  • Italian conveyancing and lease agreement assistance;
  • Application for new utility contracts;
  • Domiciliation of service bills through our dedicated Client Account;
  • Opening of an Italian bank account;
  • Italian Taxation advices (tax implications of your relocation in Italy) and annual accounts;
  • Communications related to the purchase to the relevant local and tax authorities;
  • Introduction of trustable brokers for house and health insurances;
  • Appointment of a local doctor (GP);
  • driving licence conversion;
  • introduction of trustable international movers;
  • certificate of equivalence for academic qualifications and degree;
  • working/student visas and family reunion.

Please do not hesitate to contact us here or at info@theitalianlawyer.com for a first relocation consulting call to receive more information about our services: we will be delighted to assist you deciding what you need to include in your relocation package.


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